Interviewer: Do you have any questions for me?

You: No thanks, you have covered everything 

This is one of the worst responses to give at the end of your interview. Why? Because every question you are asked in an interview including, this one, is your chance to shine ✨

Don’t simply give up this last chance; instead, prepare in advance for the questions you will be asking your interviewer.

They will make you stand out and highlight your commitment and proactivity towards the company as well as the job.

Here are our top 7 questions that candidates have asked in interviews that have worked well:

⚡️What are some challenges that someone in my role might encounter during the initial three months?

⚡️Considering [Insert a project in the company you have researched and relates to the role], what do you think could be my key contributions within the first year?

⚡️How does my role engage in cross-functional collaboration and communication with other departments?

⚡️What are the primary and secondary KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for my role?

⚡️Does this role involve/can it involve potential line-management opportunities, and what are some other areas where this role can potentially expand?

⚡️What opportunities for professional development are available within the company?

⚡️What is your favorite thing about [Insert the company], something you absolutely love?

💡Here’s a pro tip: The more you customize your questions, the better it is. Asking pertinent, role-specific questions not only aids in obtaining valuable insights but also showcases your proactive approach to understanding the unique dynamics of the company.

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