Nearly 4 in 5 candidates say the overall experience they receive during the hiring process is reflective of how a company values its people and operates its business.

A strong hiring process can give you a competitive edge in the battle for top talent.

Use these 5 tips to level up your hiring process, protect your reputation as an employer, and secure the best talent for your team:

Start with a stellar job description. Be clear and compelling.

Effective job descriptions include a company bio that hypes up your brand cache, what your company purpose is, and the reasons someone would want to work for you. Convey how the role offers opportunities for meaningful work, personal growth, and impact. Secondly, the job requirements must be crystal clear and include soft and technical skills

When you hire an individual whose values align with the purposes of your organization, it’s a win-win. Craft a job description that invites those people to apply.

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Streamline your interview process. Don’t let it drag on.

Your interview process is reflective of your work style and sends a message to top talent about how your company operates—the good and the bad.

A concise interview process with no more than 2 or 3 rounds minimizes interview fatigue and keeps quality candidates engaged. Dragging out the process could cost your favorite candidate going elsewhere.

By partnering with a good recruiter who has done the heavy lifting for you, 2 to 3 interviews are enough to judge every aspect of a candidate.

Modernize your interviews. Go beyond the standard interview questions.

A modern interview is more interactive and challenging. It’s designed to give you insight into a candidate’s skills, as well as their personality.

Level up your interviews by including behavioral-based questions in addition to skills-based questions. You’ll find out which candidates have the chops and emotional intelligence to be successful AND who truly aligns with your mission and philosophy.

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Apply the 48-hour rule at every stage of the process.

Don’t let more than 2 days pass without communication at every step of the hiring process. Keeping lines of communication open will increase your chances of landing your dream candidate without losing them to other companies.

The 48-hour rule includes responding to your recruitment agency, providing feedback after interviews, and making job offers in a timely manner. It is also respectful to the humans you are interviewing.

Adopt compensation transparency early on. And don’t lowball at the end.

Being upfront about salary helps both candidates and employers align their expectations early on. Getting a candidate to accept an offer WAY lower than what they should be getting will hurt you in the long run—when they leave and you have to hire again (not to mention all the time and money you just wasted).

A successful negotiation might involve some creative compromises. But ultimately, what you want to aim for is both parties to walk away feeling like winners!

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