Quip, a design-forward wellness brand, was looking to hire new creative leadership in a period of high growth.

We partnered with Quip to recruit and hire a Creative Director to lead the brand’s creative vision. The criteria: a strong design background, experience with high-growth brands, and a track record of outstanding team leadership.

The Opportunity

Quip is an early mover in the oral health space on a mission to revolutionize personal dental care with modern, user-focused design and experience.

In the second half of 2021, Quip wanted to add a dedicated Creative Director to their team. Since the brand’s inception, creative was led by the CEO and founder. The company was rapidly growing and had just secured a new round of funding. It was the right time to bring in a leader to manage the design group and guide the brand’s creative vision moving forward.

The Challenge

With highly-specific criteria for success, it was an involved search. There were two equally-important requirements for the Creative Director role—a background in design and strong leadership skills demonstrated by previous management experience. Quip was specific about the types of brands they wanted candidates to come from.

The Process

Our founder Lara Osment researched the market that Quip sat in. She also looked closely at other categories like non-traditional beauty and fast-growth direct-to-consumer tech firms.

Once our team was ready to look at specific candidates, we evaluated their design portfolios. This person couldn’t just be a Creative Director. We were looking for candidates with hands-on experience as a designer and art director earlier in their careers.

The frontrunner met with the CEO, VP of HR, VP of Growth, and the team of seven that they would manage at Quip. There was some initial hesitation because the candidate was based in California instead of New York where Quip is headquartered. Ultimately, Quip’s CEO decided to move forward after the candidate met with the creative team and there was an overwhelmingly positive response. Quip’s final feedback for us: This was a homerun hire on all fronts!

The Results

— Working closely with Quip’s CEO and head of HR, Lara placed a new Creative Director who began in October 2021 after a three-month search process.

— The new Creative Director was an ideal fit in terms of meeting the original expectations for the role. He came from a high-growth brand, had an extensive design portfolio, and experience leading teams. The team unanimously agreed he was the right hire who could empower his direct reports and further the visual aesthetic that Quip had already established.

What made Good People e(quip)ped for the job?

“We work with brands that have a mission to do good in the world. That can mean a multitude of things, from creating products that help customers take better care of themselves, to being a sustainability-oriented B Corporation, to prioritizing the treatment of employees. The Quip project was an exciting opportunity because we primarily work with fashion, clean beauty, and wellness companies. Quip is an innovative and disruptive wellness brand that helps people take care of their body smartly. It’s so much more than just toothbrushes. They have a great story and it was an ideal fit for our passion for helping purpose-driven people and companies.”