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SIZE Advisory is a trusted full-service partner for growth-stage companies that has partnered with Good People to help fill talent needs for their various companies.

Good People’s Partnership with SIZE Advisory Group Fuels Expansion of Portfolio Companies

Case Study

By partnering with Good People Recruitment, Trace Minerals’ strategic hiring influenced the company’s growth trajectory, leading to cost savings and increased sales.

Positive Results and Profitability for Trace Minerals

Case Study

Strategic hiring and aligning candidates with the company’s mission accelerated Primally Pure’s growth, improved performance, and solidified their brand presence.

How aligning talent improved performance for Primally Pure

Case Study

By identifying top talent, emphasizing cultural fit, and providing specialized tools, Good People Recruitment enabled Peace Out to rapidly expand business operations and growth.

How our talent acquisition strategy fueled growth for Peace Out

Case Study

Quip, a design-forward wellness brand, hires new creative leadership in a period of high growth. Read the case study

How Quip turned hiring into high growth

Case Study