The Challenge

Primally Pure, a clean skincare brand, sought to implement improved Direct to Consumer marketing strategies and attract talent aligned with their alternative approach to skincare and wellness.

Additionally, finding talent willing to work in their San Diego office posed a challenge.

The Solution

To address these needs, we identified top talent within a two-hour drive from San Diego, focusing on candidates with specific marketing skills in social media, content writing, creative design, and partnership management.

Through project completion and presentations, we showcased candidates’ skills and processes to ensure they aligned with Primally Pure’s vision.

The Impact

  • Increased Sales: The newly implemented content strategy and expertise of the marketing team led to improved brand visibility, audience engagement, and increased sales.
  • Content Alignment: Consistent brand messaging across all marketing channels enhanced Primally Pure’s reputation and fostered customer loyalty.
  • Founder’s Time Freedom: Delegating content strategy responsibilities to the new team allowed the founder to focus on strategic initiatives, product development, and supplier relationships.
  • Process Improvement: Streamlined processes introduced by the hired professionals improved collaboration, project management, and operational efficiency.

The Takeaway

Strategic hiring and aligning talent with the company’s mission accelerated Primally Pure’s growth, improved marketing performance, and solidified their brand presence.

“Good People’s support in finding talent aligned with our needs has contributed to our growth. They helped us build a capable marketing team that shares our brand values. Their expertise ensured seamless integration into our organization.”