Bigger is not always better.

Here are a few reasons why a boutique recruitment agency may just be the absolute best choice for your hiring needs.

Bespoke service 

With fewer open roles to focus on, smaller agencies will give your company a higher level of attention. Your job is assigned to a specialist or even the owner who is deeply immersed in your sector and knows the market and players inside and out.

We have the time to craft custom tools for you like tailored interview questions, insightful reports, salary guides, on boarding plans and more.

Specialty recruiters have walked in your shoes (and theirs)

Boutique agencies give you access to a small team of experts, while bigger agencies often assign a larger group of new, less experienced recruiters to your role.

Recruiters at smaller agencies have often worked as hiring managers in house or have actually been employed in the very roles you are looking to hire for.

When considering big vs boutique, take a look at the profiles of the recruiters who will be assigned to your search. Who do you trust to represent your company? Who will give you the best results?

We know where the unicorns hide

Boutique recruiters know good people, that you may not.

We are active members of advisory groups, follow the right influencers and media, attend specialty events, and co-work. This is how we network to meet and learn about people in your industry.

Boutique agencies don’t send resumes because they have a quota to reach

While more employees might seem like the best way to get jobs done faster—the truth is that larger recruitment agencies frequently suffer from recruiters under pressure to send candidates within 24 hours of receiving the job details, resulting in resumes being sent for the sake of sending.

Alternatively, a boutique recruitment process saves you time with quality over quantity.