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In the rush to onboard new hires quickly, we often overlook the human side of recruitment. But what if we paused, allowing candidates a two-week notice and a week-long break before they start work? This unconventional approach offers surprising benefits for both employer and employee. By granting candidates a two-week notice period, we acknowledge the […]

Embracing Humanity in Hiring: The Case for Giving Candidates a Break

Advice for Hiring Managers

Embracing Humanity Women Holding Out Hands

In the world of professional advancement, the decision to move on from a current employer can be a daunting one. It’s a choice often preceded by careful consideration, reflection on career goals, and sometimes even a sense of loyalty to the company. However, once you’ve made the bold move to tender your resignation, there’s a […]

Why Accepting a Counter Offer Is a Career Misstep

Advice for Hiring Managers

Completing a project as part of a job interview is standard practice in many industries, particularly in marketing and creative fields. Hiring companies typically possess their own strategies, solutions, and creative approaches. Their intention in requesting candidates to complete projects is to evaluate the candidates’ proficiency and understanding of the field. These companies aim to […]

Project Requests in Interviews Signal Skill Showcasing, Not Idea Theft

Advice for Career Seekers

The first days of a new job are like the opening chapters of a novel – they set the tone for the entire story. In the realm of human resources, this narrative unfolds through a well-designed onboarding plan, a roadmap that not only welcomes new employees but propels them toward success within the organization. 4 […]

Why an Effective Onboarding Plan is critical for success

Advice for Hiring Managers

It’s not uncommon for popular companies to underpay employees because of their perceived coolness. But expecting people to work for less money just because your brand is considered ‘cool’ is a recipe for failure.

The Pitfalls of Underpaying Employees for Perceived Coolness

Advice for Hiring Managers

Whether you’re seeking entry-level positions or aiming for leadership roles, a well-crafted online presence signals professionalism and adaptability to modern communication norms. It’s a powerful tool for attracting new clients, securing job opportunities, and advancing your career.


Advice for Career Seekers

Landing the job of your dreams isn’t just about acing the interview. It’s the little things that count, like sending a thank-you note afterward! This seemingly simple act holds significant weight in the hiring process and can be the deciding factor in whether you land the job or not whether you are junior level or […]


Advice for Career Seekers

The advantages of hybrid jobs extend beyond just employee satisfaction—they directly impact the growth and success of your business. Here’s 5 reasons why making the switch is a strategic move for your business


Advice for Hiring Managers

When you offer to pay employees below their worth, you risk facing low performance, a negative attitude, brand damage and wasted time.

The True Cost of Low-Balling Candidates

Advice for Hiring Managers

Make sure your resume doesn’t getting lost in a stack of applications by emphasizing your impact. Using powerful action words not only adds depth to your achievements but also communicates your proactive approach to potential employers.

Elevate your resume with action words

Advice for Career Seekers